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Patent (In)Validity Analysis

Thorough search for prior art literature to validate your patent, or potentially raise questions on validity of the patents held by your competitors

All we require for this search from you is a Patent Number and/or a specific claim set that you would like us to focus upon. This is conducted to invalidate a specific patent on grounds of novelty. It is an effort from our end to figure out every possible prior art that was missed during the Examination by the Patent Office.

A search for any document or evidence of use of the patented invention before the first effective filing date of the subject patent is conducted. In case you have been sued for infringing a patent, you may use Invalidity search as a tool to try and invalidate that patent.

A Validity Search can also confirm your patent claims and potentially increase the fees you charge for licensing your technology.

At the end of the search we provide a Claim chart representation of each Prior Art. The highlight of such claim charts is the “Claim Enablement” portion, where we define each element of the claim w.r.t. its functioning as mentioned in its description. Apart from this, we are also pro at making “File History Analysis” as well as making “Substantial New Questions (SNQs) for Patentability

Client Remarks

Our client was very pleased with the report that you prepared last time (copy attached) and would like to do something similar.