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Pat-e-viz Tool

Our Customize Delivery Platform

Web based patent intelligence & visualization tool:

  • User friendly
  • In-built web library access for reports
  • Web based delivery and visualization platform
  • In-house developed solution and there is no dependence on any third party
  • Your information will remain secure
  • Enhanced search capabilities that enables you to validated the final output by searching within the manually selected database of , say 1000-5000 patent documents
  • Dynamic search platform that supports subset search
  • Advanced search interface for conducting complex search queries
  • You can decide the visualization for the complete set or for the small subset created as per your advanced search within the manually generated database
  • Manage and save your search strings
  • Narrow down search results using powerful filters
  • Animated taxonomy for interactive understanding of the technological categorization with number of patents in each category
  • Hyperlinked publication numbers to visit national patent office website for any patent of your interest
  • Data export in MS word & MS excel for further review and sharing
  • Real time graphical presentation since there are no static images used for the visualization
  • Secure, firewall protected servers