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Patent Filing and Prosecution

Professional and technical support for filing your patent application

Our team includes subject matter experts of various domains. The team also includes Indian patent agents, who are also registered to practice before the Indian patent, having in-depth understanding of the intrinsic values of patent as well as the experience of successfully handling patent filing & prosecution in India and abroad. Our team is fully acquainted with the legalities of patent prosecution procedures of different jurisdictions.

Our approach to patent application preparation and prosecution includes a thorough application of technology, law and business concepts, to obtain strong high quality patent applications for our clients.

At IDS-IP, for patent filing and assisting in patent prosecution, we provide end-to-end services that includes

  • Preparing patent applications with client’s feedback
  • Filing patent applications with in India through qualified patent agents and outside India through our qualified foreign associates
  • Active prosecution and close monitoring of pending patent application
  • Preparing response to official action, handling of pre-grant opposition, post-grant opposition and appeals, strategizing amendments for maximizing impact
  • Attending hearings whenever required and tracking the application during examination till grant & afterwards

Client Remarks

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