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Whitespace Analysis

Looking for still non-explored spaces in a technology landscape? We have a service to complement your requirements

White space analysis helps to identify areas of a particular technical domain specified by you, where little or no patenting activity exists. This analysis will help you to develop R&D strategies in a less competitive zone.

This search is focused mostly to guide you towards competitive, defensive, licensing, collaborative, and most importantly, the R&D activities. The analyses involve extensive categorization of patents and patent applications and development of taxonomy in various jurisdictions across a range of sub-domains of studied technology.

The final reports also include various graphs, pie charts, bubble charts and 2-D and 3-D charts which disclose the white space in the technology. We also share a “Problem-Solution Chart” that helps you understand the latest market trends better.

Client Remarks

Many thanks for sharing these results. I can only say I’m impressed with the presentation of the work