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Competitor Analysis

Looking for potential competitors in the market, and having their relevant patents collected for further research at a single place

A competitor patent portfolio analysis involves an in-depth study of the key competitors, their technologies, patent portfolios, patenting trends, product pipeline, niche technologies, licensing opportunities, and protection from infringement and litigation liabilities, SWOT Analysis, etc.

We help you keep track of Top-notch firms, competitors and research groups worldwide. We also focus on key technologies so that you will always know who has been active in research and development areas that are important to you.

Our team of highly skilled engineers reviews new patent documents as they are granted, dissects them for relevancy, and inform you immediately of new developments. We have the expertise to develop customized database in a variety of interfaces, from simple tools (i.e. macros in Excel) to sophisticated graphical representations.

Client Remarks

My client has made an initial review and is very pleased. We are talking shortly regarding a second search in a second area