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The Infamous Sportbrain Patent Troll


7th, November, 2017
Patent trolls gather huge attention either because of the number of lawsuits they launch or probably because of the number of high-profile companies that these patent troll target upon. Either way, patent trolls always manage to garner much publicity. One such livid instance is of S...

Global NOR Flash Market – IP Trends Forecast


24th, October, 2017
We are all aware of the fact that industries such as IoT (Internet of things) & automobile are witnessing continuous transformations and are considered to be the primary trends in today’s time. IoT, among other varied applications, is used to manage and monitor electronic devices fro...

Snap spending $7.7 million on Geofilter patent – is it even worth it?


23rd, September, 2017
In the month of April, the Patent Industry witnessed ripples regarding how Snap Inc. had reportedly bought a Geofilter patent from photo-sharing platform Mobli for a whopping $7.7 million! The patent US20160373805, US9459778 is titled, Methods and Systems of Providing Visual Content Ed...